Distillery Eckerts: overhead packaging solution avoids rejects

Read time: < 1 minute - Extact from the newsletter 02/2021

“As a mature business, we have no space for bulky standard solutions. What's more, these present the risk of huge additional costs when they subsequently need to be modified. With Team Jansen’s special solutions, we have the certainty – in terms of time, quality and budget – that allows us to plan.”

Tobias Erb, Eckerts operations manager, representative director and executive board member

The goal was to develop a special solution for our client’s limited space, which would be without bottle grippers but still offer high nominal capacity.

“First the bottles are grouped into sixes, and then boxes are slid over the bottles from above”, reported Ingo Rathmann, construction manager for project A&E GmbH.

In the “Packaging Journal”, Tobias Erb from Eckerts and our colleague Ingo Rathmann report on the technical details. Read the entire article here either as a PDF  or on pages 58 and 59 under this link