Drinks manufacturer Refresco

Reading time: 2 minutes - Extract from the newsletter 01/2021

Mr Christian Wudy, Refresco; Plant Manager, Mönchengladbach-Herrath production site:

“The project group of companies has completely reorganised the layer palletising for us. Instead of two feeder lines, there is now only one. Fewer drives not only mean fewer possibilities for error, but also less maintenance, care and energy! In addition, the high level of user-friendliness ensures that we can work even more productively and flexibly!“

The most important five advantages of this total solution for Refresco at a glance:

  • Higher pallet turnover: It is no longer necessary to perform two operations for one layer, because the automated palletiser immediately grabs an entire layer. Whether Euro pallets, industrial pallets, Chep pallets or Düsseldorf pallets, the new system can be converted to all formats flexibly.
  • More space for production: The space required for product feeding has been reduced by around 50%.
  • Significantly more flexible row & layer formation: Refresco can design new layer patterns requested by end customers such as Aldi or Lidl without the support of external parties. When inserting intermediate layers of cardboard or plastic, the multifunctional head we developed ensures that the robot's performance remains at the same high level.
  • Easier system handling: The user interface is streamlined and clearly laid out. This way, only the commands that are needed in the respective situation are displayed and they are unambiguous for the operator.
  • Greater production safety: For one thing, the products are safer on the pallet; moreover, fewer interfaces also mean fewer potential hazards for the employees.