Hardware, Software & 3D Printing: Our development team launched

Reading time: 2 minutes - Extract from the newsletter 01/2021

With our small but sophisticated development department, we are now much more flexible. This is because we can now also design and build key components independently. “As one of the first projects in 2020, the colleagues have further developed the motor for the PROBAND V. This is our banding machine, which enables ecological banding with completely recyclable paper!” reports Managing Director Johannes Jansen. Jansen...., there was something about the development team? Precisely: There are two Jans(s)ens who - as they both say - aim to “think outside the box, come up with tailored, even better solutions and make our products even better.”

Jens Janssen (in the photo on the right) has been a technician for half of his life, twenty years. He has also worked in other companies besides the project Group, but came back to us two years ago. His focus: Programming and improving software. His credo is “There's no such thing as can't”. Together with his “partner” Lukas Jansen (in the photo on the left) he forms a perfect team. The 28-year-old has been involved with hardware and 3D printing since 2018 and has seen:

“There is more in it for us. In the future, we will be able to address certain very specific customer requirements ourselves, for example, regarding the robustness of components. We will no longer have to ask when a supplier will deliver better material!” Currently, the two Jans(s)ens are working on a handful of projects. “We are aware that sometimes not everything can work immediately. But that is precisely what is exciting. We must not be discouraged and must keep at it”. The next novelty developed by the Jans(s)ens is just around the corner: It is going to be presented in May at the latest - we will report on social media and in the next newsletter.