New Years letter from the management

Reading time: 3 minutes

Dear customers and business partners,

A very special year lies behind us all. We thank you very much for your trust, especially in these special times. There were several highlights for us in 2020, which makes us very happy. With this letter, we would like to introduce three of them to our closest network and mention others that we will report on in more detail elsewhere in 2021.

Working title “Gyro Gearloose”: That's what you could have called what mutated into a productive outcome of the pandemic-related shortages of electronic components: We have realised our long-standing vision of a small, fine “project Innovation & Development” department and are now more flexible than ever. Since spring, two new colleagues with impressive, almost NERD-like electrical engineering know-how have enriched our team of around 90. With their developments, the colleagues have already made a great contribution in the start-up year to advancing the further development of key components for one of our flagship products, the latest PROBAND model.

Whether for the food, paper or pharmaceutical industry: We have been supplying our PROBAND banding system, which was launched around 20 years ago, with genuine, highly environmentally friendly paper bands since 2020. “Genuine”, as this band has a paper content of over 95% and our packaging material is 100% recyclable. In contrast to those paper-like composites that are mixed with plastic and belong in the residual waste, our solution is an ecologically valuable one. Companies from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain have already opted for it. In this way, they contribute to a significant reduction in the CO2 footprint of manufacturers and their retail chains. Our environmentally friendly packaging solution is in such high demand that we have established a dealer network in several countries.

A third example of the claim to develop further is the topic of integrating 7-axis robots from our Copenhagen-based partner Kassow Robots into our systems. Palletising, wrapping, labelling and ensuring the connection to the warehouse on only 150 square metres - in 2020, we succeeded at our customer Walter Rau Neusser Öl & Fett AG, also thanks to the Cobot, which is particularly manoeuvrable due to its 7th axis. These lightweight robots have the advantage that - based on well-known tablets - they are easy to operate after a short training. This also paves the way for small companies to enter the field of robotics.

New development team, environmentally-friendly PROBAND and 7-axis Cobot solutions: These are just three 2020 highlights. In the newsletter, on Xing and LinkedIn, we will report on how a spirits distributor made us the developer of an innovative filler, how we designed an area storage system for gas cylinders in Asia and how we helped to align, pack and palletise disinfectants completely automatically.

We look forward to further cooperation and hope that 2021 will again see significantly more personal encounters here in Kranenburg, at your company or at trade fairs.  Wishing all the best for 2021