Gripping heads - PROGRAB

The success of an automated solution for the final packaging of products essentially depends on how well the respective gripper systems are adapted to the individual customer products. To ensure optimal handling, project A&E offers a variety of gripping heads - here is an overview.

Product variants


PROGRAB J100 are more versatile blind gripping heads for palletizing layers. With the blinds open, the head moves over a layer of products and lowers over them, centers them using servo-driven centering strips and pushes the products off the conveyor belt. The blind closes below the product position in synchronism with the pushing speed.


PROGRAB S100 are suction heads that work according to the vacuum principle. The head is lowered over the product and creates a vacuum. After setting down, the vacuum is switched off - the products dissolve.


PROGRAB Z100 are pliers gripping heads for palletizing bags. The head lowers over the packaged goods and closes its tongs. The pliers open again to set them down. Due to the compact design, bags can be e.g. ideally in a cardboard box.


PROGRAB K100 are clamp gripping heads in which the head lowers over the product so that it can be gripped by clamping jaws. After transport - for example on a pallet - the jaws open again and release the product.


PROGRAB M100 are multifunctional gripping heads that combine different gripping types such as clamping, suction and pliers technologies and are therefore extremely versatile.

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