PROPAC C110 packs the primary packed products fully automatically into the secondary packaging. This packs the various containers into cardboard boxes or crates. The special feature of PROPAC C110 is the touch-sensitive Cobot (see page 68). Its use enables collaborative applications,eliminating the need for bulky protective devices.


Product features

  • Various packaging schemes
  • Gentle product handling
  • Performance: up to 15 cycles/min
  • Load capacity: up to 18 kg
  • Works in a minimum of space
  • Low maintenance
  • Individual products possible


  • 2x PROCON
  • Cobot base
  • Cobot
  • Control cabinet
  • Cardboard box centring with air lock
  • Software
  • Safety fence (feature)
  • Grippers (feature)

Your benefits

  • Low space requirements due to 7-axis Cobot
  • Cost-effective packaging
  • Only limited safety technology required
  • Simple operation
  • Short set-up times through simple programming
  • Future-proof
Performance: 15 Cycles/min
Load capacity: up to 18 Kg

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