We are launching our Competence Center

Reading time: < 1 - Extract from the newsletter 03/2021

Internal Sales, Project Management and Customer Service constitute a team

Based on the motto ‘Good is not good enough’, we have created a new customer support structure. Our objective, you see, is to achieve even faster response times and even better levels of support. “At departmental management level, we analysed these procedures in detail and devised the concept for the Competence Center. The individual teams of the past – Internal Sales, Project Management and Customer Service, are being merged into a single entity”, reports Carsten Bublitz, who leads the Competence Center.

“For me, the flow of information is particularly important. You see, my colleagues are no longer dedicated to just one sub-topic. This delivers benefits when delegating for others and also helps us to develop the technical expertise of our employees. The agenda includes greater standardisation of procedures to speed up our response times even further.

Do you have any questions about the Competence Center?

If so, please get in touch with us: Competence-Center@project-sp.de