We introduce: Our Managing Director Sebastian Münnekhoff

Reading time: < 1 Minutes - Extract from the newsletter 11/2021

About the invention of a backpack reservoir for water pistols, the relevance of a vacation job at a gas station and a very special achievement of mankind for him.

After graduating from high school, Sebastian Münnekhoff completed his training as a wholesaler and export merchant at Kaisers Tengelmann AG. He had spent most of his apprenticeship there in technical purchasing, a department he remained loyal to even after completing his training there. In March 2010, he started at the project group as a purchaser. Soon after, he was given responsibility for the entire materials management (purchasing, logistics, manufacturing and production). Since October 2021, he has taken over the management of project Service & Produktion GmbH together with Jan Hanenkamp. But who is this technology-enthusiastic managing director? Here are his 10 answers to our questions!

Coffee or tea?


Do you play an instrument?

I play guitar, bass and piano, in descending order of ability.

Have you passed on your enthusiasm for technology to your children?

Indeed - my older son is particularly enthusiastic about craft activities and my younger son is keen to become an inventor. After all, from his point of view, I also work in an inventor company. We always try to implement the children's projects and ideas - for example, most recently the invention of a suit designed like a water backpack reservoir for the use of water guns, with a pump and solenoid valves.

Favorite childhood food?

Ravioli from a can - but only from Dad, he was the best at it.

Your first vacation job?

My first job was at a gas station, where I worked for quite a long time. By the way, that's where I first really learned mental arithmetic, because the owner was a real fan of mental arithmetic and removed the sum keys from the cash register!

Which of mankind's achievements do you particularly admire?

The World Wide Web, because it brought people and knowledge together all over the world like almost nothing else before it.

What three things do you take with you to a desert island?

Not people? Then it would be my wife and my two sons! Otherwise, I would take a guitar, a laptop and a universal power supply - I'll have to solve the problem of Internet access on the spot ;-).

A tick?

I can't deny a certain symmetry tic - possibly I'm known on the production floor for my 90° rule...

Which historical person would you have liked to meet one day?

Former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

What tip would you give young colleagues for their career?

Get involved in everything, try things out and find your strengths! A lot of what I can do today came about that way - for example, the fun I had with programming only developed out of my work.