Carry handles

We produce comfortable handles

Quite simply when things get difficult: Customers value convenience - for example, when heavy products are easy to carry. With Handylift, our self-adhesive handles, attaching handles to heavy products is easy and efficient. Purchasing and transporting multiple packaging is easy and convenient for your customers with the help of our printed carrying handles.

And of course we care about the world around us: Our handles are 100% recyclable.


So gentle, so easy!

Let your customers experience the ease of carrying in a new way - without hard plastic straps that dig into the palms of the hands, without painful pressure points! Our new foam handle proves how easy it can be to carry today. Even cardboard boxes weighing ten kilograms are soft and comfortable in the hand


Everything under control: At project A & E, we not only have the perfect comfort handles - we also have the powerful applicators that attach these handles to your containers. We have long been one of the most innovative packaging companies on the market, and we have proven this with the PROGRIP handle applicator. The PROGRIP can attach handles to products with different sizes and weights, regardless of whether they are packed in cardboard or shrink-wrapped in foil - innovative, versatile, reliable.

If you want the best for your customers, we offer you the best - advice, know-how, machines and consumables. All from a single source!

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