Cobots are robots that are suitable for human-machine collaboration ("collaboration" + "robots"). These robots can work together with people or work to help them. After a corresponding risk analysis, they can be operated in the vicinity of employees - without or without a large protective housing. At project S&P, we use the innovative 7-axis lightweight robots from Kassow Robots for our systems. These cobots were designed according to the strong-fast-simple motto.

The decisive advantages of cobots

  • Newly developed joints offer a unique combination of power, speed, range and load capacity.
  • The joint speeds are up to 225 degrees per second.
  • The user is controlled by an easy and intuitive tablet using the drag-and-drop principle.
  • Operation without protective device in the vicinity of employees possible.
  • Plug-and-play principle (240V) enables problem-free relocation.

Product variants

Kassow KR810

Load capacity 10Kg
Range 850 mm

Kassow KR1018

Load capacity 18Kg
Range 1000 mm

Kassow KR1205

Load capacity 5Kg
Range 1200 mm

Kassow KR1410

Load capacity 10Kg
Range 1400 mm

Kassow KR1805

Load capacity 5Kg
Range 1800 mm

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