Cobots are robots with torque sensors in all seven joints, which stop immediately on contact. These collaborative robots can work together with humans, protective devices are only required under certain conditions. At project, we use Kassow Robots' innovative devices for our systems, which are designed in keeping with the motto ‚ÄúStrong-Fast-Simple‚ÄĚ.

The key benefits of Cobots

  • Newly developed joints offer a unique combinationof power, speed, reach and load capacity.
  • The joint speeds are up to 225 degrees per second.
  • User control is provided by an easy-to-use and intuitivetablet based on the drag-and-drop principle.
  • Can be operated without protective devices in the vicinity of employees.
  • Plug-and-play principle (240 V) enables easy relocation.

Product variants

Kassow KR810

Load capacity 10Kg
Reach 850 mm

Kassow KR1018

Load capacity 18Kg
Reach 1000 mm

Kassow KR1205

Load capacity 5Kg
Reach 1200 mm

Kassow KR1410

Load capacity 10Kg
Reach 1400 mm

Kassow KR1805

Load capacity 5Kg
Reach 1800 mm

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