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With us you are always right! project A&E's industry solutions help to increase efficiency at the end of the production process by automating the packaging of goods and goods. Our recipe for success is the modular design of our systems. It makes it possible to tailor the machines precisely to the needs of different industries.

Note: You can find the icons associated with the respective industries in our products – so you know immediately which solution is appropriate for your industry.

At home in many industries


High throughput rates and diverse, frequently changing product spectrums are characteristic for the beverage industry. This means that whenever automation is used, it must be resilient and flexible.


Due to its unique material properties, glass is still the ideal packaging for many products from the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The automated treatment of containers at the "cold end" requires a great deal of expertise. Automation must be adapted to this.


Hygiene products are diverse and are needed every day, so consumption and purchasing frequency for these products are very high. The large product variance places high demands on the machine concepts.


Bulk goods, dangerous goods, liquids – what is produced in the chemical industry places high demands – e.g. in terms of explosion protection – on the technology with which the products are made available for transport.


In the wood-processing industry, for example, doors and frames are manufactured today on an industrial scale. The final products must be picked in the plants for onward transport. Successful automated handling of doors and frames requires powerful gripping techniques that can handle larger weights precisely.


Bags, cups, bottles, cardboard, cans – the packaging of food is as diverse as the range of products. If you want to pick them further for delivery to the retail trade, you have to adapt to the most diverse and rapidly changing requirements when assembling machines and equipment.


Those who handle steel need powerful and resilient robots. Strip steel rollers (so-called "coils"), as they are needed in the automotive industry, for example, can achieve weights of several tons and place high demands on automation technology.

Building materials

Building materials are usually heavy and bulky. This means that simple handling of these products is generally only possible to a limited extent. This is why the automation of picking processes requires individual solutions that make it possible to place extraordinary fabrics or moulds on pallets and to pack them safely.


Paper is a fascinating material that itself serves as a packaging material – and has to be palletized and packaged as a product of the paper industry. The containers are usually large in size and have a considerable weight. These circumstances must be taken into account in further processing with resilient conveying and lifting systems.


As a partner of other machine manufacturers (OEM), project S&P knows how important it is to be able to react flexibly to changing requirements. We supply efficient and innovative machines that can be integrated into the OEM's machine concepts.

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