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BEST [Bulls-Eye-Sealing-Technology] closes the annoying and unsightly shrink holes ("Bulls-Eye") that arise during the production of shrink packaging and thus eliminates the disadvantages of shrink packaging. A sealed, stable and attractive container is created.


Sorted, attractive and resource-saving packaging

So far, cardboard (shaped or unshaped) so-called pads have been inserted to stabilize larger tins. This significantly increases the cost of packaging, the environment is burdened by another packaging material, and the amount of mechanical work involved in production is high.

The unique BESTechnology completely eliminates the need for the second packaging material, the stabilizing cardboard. The adhesive tape attached using the unique BESTtechnology stabilizes the container, the cardboard is superfluous. The costs for the additional packaging material (pad) and the machine can be saved, and a handle can also be attached to the container as added value for the customer. The outer packaging is sorted!

Easy packaging handling: the new benchmark for shrink packaging

A handle on the side can also be attached to the container finished with BESTechnolgy for easier handling and as an added value for the buyer.

The side handle is attached over an opening (Bulls Eye). Now it could be that the individual products slip when the container is carried, since the other opening is perpendicular to the floor, the container becomes unstable.

To stabilize the container, the other annoying and unsightly Bulls-Eye is now closed with an adhesive strip using BESTechnology.

The result is stable and attractive packaging with a high added value for buyers without the system-related disadvantages of shrink packaging!

Even when products are removed from the packaging, it remains stable.

Additional space for marketing purposes

Closing the Bulls-Eye creates an additional area that can be used for marketing purposes as desired or for the intended purpose. It is either left transparent or printed.

Prevention of contamination and damage to the individual products in the packaging

Closing the shrink holes on both sides protects the individual products in the packaging. The products remain hygienically clean and are protected against destruction.

PROBEST for cans

Shown here is the sealing of can containers and the subsequent attachment of a handle for easier handling of the container.


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