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Produkte der project A&E GmbH Palettierer Pick & Place Tragegriffapplikator Banderolierer Fördertechnik Palettenwickler Etikettierer Fahrerlose Transportsysteme

Product variants

With our wide range of products, we find the right solution for every industry

Pick & Place - PROPAC

With the PROPAC you pack your primary packaged products fully automatically in a secondary packaging. Your various containers are packed in boxes or crates for further transport. With this low-maintenance system, you can use different packing schemes for different products with the smallest space requirements - ready for further transport.

Palletizer - PROPAL

The PROPAL R110 is a robot system that stacks packages (e.g. boxes and sacks) fully automatically on pallets. The PROPAL R110 meets the highest requirements for speed, security and automation. The powerful system is highly flexible and can be adapted quickly and cost-effectively according to customer requirements. Due to its dimensions, the PROPAL R110 can easily be integrated into existing production lines.

ENGINEERING - project A&C GmbH

Keen on excellent engineering for the planning and implementation of your automation projects? If so, our sister company project Automation & Consulting GmbH is the right team to get in touch with. Whether it's about consulting, mechanical or electrical engineering, programming or even on-site commissioning.

Labeller - PROLABEL

The PROLABEL R150 is a fully automatic and space-saving label applicator that attaches labels to pallets and packages. The position and number of labels can be freely selected and flexibly changed. The overhead placement of the robot enables labeling of up to five pages. The system can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines.


Cobots are robots that are suitable for human-machine collaboration ("collaboration" + "robots"). These robots can work together with people or work to help them. After a corresponding risk analysis, they can be operated in the vicinity of employees - with or without a large protective housing.

Handle applicator - PROGRIP

With our production machines for carry handles of all kinds, even carrying large and heavy products is child's play. We produce handle dispensers for articles of all kinds. Our machine portfolio is as versatile as the areas of application for the end products! Regardless of whether you need a rather small and handy carry handle applicator for small production quantities or produce on a large scale and therefore a larger machine is required for attaching carry handles: With our wide range of products, we are able to meet every customer request.

Banding machine PROBAND

The advantages about the PROBAND V is the innovative quick-change frame. The frames are designed for different band widths, that can be processed with just one frame. Depending on the scope of the product, we offer you the right frame size.

Banding machine PROBAND

With a banding machine, products of the same or different types can be easily combined into a handy package thanks to a banding machine. As a group of companies in Kranenburg near D√ľsseldorf, we cover the entire range of machines for packaging systems, material transport and all other related areas. The banding machines in our range are available in various designs and are therefore ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

Pallet wrapper - PROWRAPP

To pack pallets not only safely but also quickly, it is worth using pallet wrappers. These automated systems can save an enormous amount of time and work - and ultimately money as well. In addition to the comfort factor, the higher cost-effectiveness is a key advantage of these machines. So that you can fully enjoy these advantages, the pallet winder should of course be tailored to your needs and requirements. We take care of that!

Conveyor technology - PROCON

Our general cargo conveyors ensure the smooth onward transport of products of various sizes and material properties. Direction and orientation can also be changed. Our pallet conveyors are used to move transport pallets. Different solutions allow great flexibility in the process.

Automatic Guided Vehicles

The AGV are our self-propelled transport vehicles with built-on conveyors, the wagon follows to find the way e.g. Lines on the floor and automatically stops when there are obstacles.

Gripping heads

The success of an automated solution for the final packaging of products essentially depends on how well the respective gripper systems are adapted to the individual customer products. To ensure optimal handling, project A&E offers a variety of gripping heads - here is an overview.

Seal shrink holes - PROBEST

BEST [Bulls-Eye-Sealing-Technology] closes the annoying and unsightly shrink holes ("Bulls-Eye") that arise during the manufacture of shrink packaging and thus eliminates the disadvantages of shrink packaging. A sealed, stable and attractive container is created.


Our product portfolio also includes banderoles and carryhandles. Little use of material and easy attachment are key advantages.