Manual handle attachment

With our production machines for carry handles of all kinds, even carrying large and heavy products is child's play. The PROGRIPs of the M and A series are specially designed for smaller quantities. They impress with their compact design and are the ideal companion for manual handle attachment. Are you currently not using handles on your products? No problem! With these two PROGRIPs you can first evaluate in small quantities whether an automated system is suitable for you. If the response is positive, we will be happy to help you implement it in your production line.

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The PROGRIP M is a manual and space-saving handle dispenser. It impresses with its compact design and is the ideal companion for manual handle attachment. The PROGRIP M is particularly suitable for smaller production quantities.

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The PROGRIP A is the fastest and most elegant way of attaching handles by hand.

Do you want to offer your customers the opportunity to carry your products safely and comfortably, but do not hire any other costly personnel?
We have the solution: PROGRIP A, the automatic handle dispenser for manual attachment.

The length of the handle is determined at the push of a button and the device is optimally adjusted. The handle is then donated, cut and held so that you only have to accept it and attach it to the respective product.


The manual attachment of handles to banded cans is shown here.


This shows the manual attachment of carrying handles to banded beverage bottles, as well as changing to cross-wound rolls and threading them into the machine.

Performance: 10 handles / min
depending on the length of the handle
15 handles / min
depending on the length of the handle
Tape type: Pre-laminated handle rolls Pre-laminated handle rolls, cross-wound
(Width 180 mm, √ł 300)
material: Paper, 1mm / 2mm foam Paper, 1mm / 2mm foam
Tape width: 25 / 30 / 37,5 mm 25 / 30 / 37,5 mm
min. length of handle: - ca. 350 mm
max. length of handle: - ca. 500 mm
Dimensions: -/-/- 560mm/356mm/1092mm (l/w/h)

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