PROPAL R210 is a robot system that transports packages in layers on pallets, thus achieving a higher output. The PROPAL R210 meets the highest requirements in terms of speed, safety and automation. The high-performance system is highly flexible and can be adapted quickly and cost-effectively to customer  requirements. The PROPAL R210 can be easily integrated into existing production lines due to its dimensions.


Product features

  • Large operating range
  • Low maintenance
  • Individual layer patterns adjustable
  • Palletising of various products
  • Individual pallet sizes possible
  • Performance: up to 4 cycles/min or 40 cardboard boxes/min
  • Load capacity: up to 250 kg


  • Separation table
  • Layer configurations (turning station, infeed conveyor, row pusher, layer accumulation table)
  • Robot stand
  • Robot
  • Pallet storage location
  • Control cabinet
  • Software
  • Safety fence (feature)
  • Grippers (feature)

Your benefits

  • Gentle product handling
  • Increase in productivity
  • Flexibility (short conversion times)
  • Low space requirements
  • Low susceptibility to faults
  • Auto service function (remote maintenance)

PROPAL R210 for cardboard layers

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Shown here is the palletizing of cardboard layers to a euro-pallet.

Performance: up to 4 Cycles/min
Load capacity: up to 250 Kg

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