Don't miss the cost-efficient-timing for maintenance!

Interview with Jan Hanenkamp, Managing Director of project Service & Produktion GmbH

Reading time: < 1 Minutes - Extract from the newsletter 11/2021

Mr. Hanenkamp: What is the best way to manage the topic of "maintenance"?

Early overall planning and ordering the right spare parts - that's the be-all and end-all! Sounds easy. But in practice, we notice that many companies are usually too late. Admittedly, such maintenance is a major operation: the timing of a shutdown has to be combined with the provision of spare parts - which is very challenging at the moment - the availability of service technicians and acute corona situation at each customer in each country. We have a lot of experience also in issues around maintenance, our customers here include for example Coca Cola, Pepsi, Bayer, Bofrost, Nölken and many others.

What is it about your X-ray vision when it comes to spare parts?

On the one hand, it shows that the investment in a professional spare parts inventory by us is worthwhile. Of course, our customers also know the machines. But we have X-ray vision, so to speak - we also know the life cycles of the individual components. This enables us to ensure that the machine really runs cleanly until the next maintenance! This in-depth knowledge of the components is - as we see very often - not guaranteed in the case of simple self-checks by the companies.

"A planned shutdown is always cheaper than an unplanned shutdown!" So don't miss the cost efficient timing for maintenance!

But can't maintenance also be carried out remotely in the 21. century?

Only if the travel costs would be disproportionately high compared to the maintenance costs, e.g. for customers in South America, do we actively recommend a "remote assessment". But when I look at our customers in Europe: Nothing replaces the view of the trained service technician on site on your machine! And this is sometimes even cheaper for the customer. Because we can only see on site exactly which parts are needed - and then delivery times and presence can be planned in a sensibly coordinated way!

What do you think of "maintenance in stages"?

Frankly, nothing at all! It's worse for the machine and more expensive on balance. It would be the same if you had a service appointment for your car in September and only had the engine and lights checked. Then, in November, the first snow comes or the oil pan is suddenly defective - and you can't drive to grandma's 90th birthday. For you privately, it is above all an emotional nuisance.  With regard to companies it would cost our customers a lot of money. My recommendation: Save yourself the trouble with good planning! Come to us early! Because a planned maintenance is always cheaper than an unplanned shutdown!